Paediatric Dentist

Dentistry For Children

An appointment with the dentist can be a scary experience for a child. In fact, many adults still harbour fears derived from their own childhood experiences with the local family dentist.

The scary looking tools, unfamiliar noises and strange smells that are often typical of your average dental practice may not seem that frightening to us as adults but can lead to anxiety in children. This, combined with the sight of a person wearing a mask and gloves and leaning over the child can cause a child to panic.

To reduce the fear factor for your child you should always go to a dentist that specialises in the treatment of children and is able to connect with children at their level.

The first exposure to the dentist is very important as it will set the mood for future visits. To ease your child you can explain that the dentist is simply “going to have a look at your teeth to see how they are growing and to count them”. Make sure that you keep it simple. Avoid using words like “drills” and “needles” and remain calm and positive while talking to your child.

You can add some fun to the visit by asking your child to draw some pictures of him or her smiling showing nice white teeth, and take it along for the dentist to see it. It’s a fun activity and will also help initiate a conversation between the dentist and the child that can help to reduce any anxiety your child may experience.

Stay with your child during the consultation or treatment and make a point of smiling a lot and remember encourage your child if and when necessary.

Paediatric Dentist