Paediatric Dentist
  • Dear Prospective Patient,

    A Paediatric Dentist is an expert in children’s dental health and knows exactly how to make your child feel comfortable during their first visit to the dentist.

    Most children love to start off the examination with a special ride on the dentist’s chair. A friendly word and gentle request generally ensure the willing cooperation of even the most timid of children – they happily open wide and let the dentist “count their teeth”.

    If after careful examination it appears that further treatment is required, each step of the procedure will be patiently explained in language your child can understand, so that they know exactly what to expect. Every effort is made to ensure that your child’s visit to the dentist is a pleasant and interesting experience.

    Your paediatric dentist can answer all your questions on children’s dental health care and oral hygiene.

    Let us help you establish healthy habits early for a lifetime of dental health!

    We look forward to seeing you in our practice!

    Dr Geoff Melman
    BDS MSc (Dent) (Wits)
    Specialty in Paediatric Dentistry (UK)
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    Telephone: (011) 802-4913
    Fax: (011) 086 648 1031

    Emergency Number: 083 301 6477

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    P.O. Box 994

    Physical Address:

    Mellwood Park Dental Centre
    89 Bessemer Street
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Paediatric Dentist